Stories is an iPhone app that lets you collect your best memories and thoughts in the form of stories, which remain private on your iPhone.

Whether it is a journey, a new relationship, a pet or a work project, create a new story and start adding your memories to its own timeline, organized by day: update each story's timeline with small pieces of text, photos and geographic locations.

With Stories, starting a slideshow of a story is as simple as rotating your iPhone to landscape orientation. Moreover, if the iPhone is connected to a TV — either wirelessly through Apple TV or with a cable — the slideshow will appear on the TV too: what a perfect opportunity, say, to entertain your friends with a recap of your last vacation! (Because projectors are so '90s).


What are the features of the free version of Stories?

The free version of Stories is fully functional for the Main Story, where you can add as many memories as you like. Purchase the pro upgrade from inside the app to unlock the ability to create multiple stories, and also to backup all of your stories to your computer.

What are the requirements to install Stories?

iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or higher.

Who are the developers of Stories?

The so-called ice cream guys, Ludovico Rossi and Vito Modena (see below), also developers of Writings for iPad and Remember the Tripod for iPhone.

What are the capabilities of the in-app import/export tool?

From the in-app Settings menu you can reach the backup tool, that can be used to export and import all of your stories (pro version of Stories is required). NERD ALERT A backup is simply a plain zip file containing plist metadata and jpeg images. In this way you can easily write, say, a Python script to import content from other sources into Stories, or vice versa.

Do you have fun by developing Stories?

We hope as much as you will by using it.


Your feedback is very important to help us making Stories even better. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Drop us a line by email.